I believe that we all deserve to be healthy – to know, to choose, to eat the right food, best quality, properly processed.

At Sourdough Society we learn about essential food, how to choose the best ingredients and the right way to process them – grains/bread and beyond.  Making an awesomely tasty, healthy bread – the traditional, everlasting, pure sourdough – has never been more easy, fun and enriching.

Get it right from the first try.  Serve it with good nutrition.

Enjoy it lifelong.


1. What did you like about the workshop?

I liked how the workshop was designed to include both hands on experience and short digestible sessions on healthy eating as well as how sourdough works in your gut when you consume it. It will definitely leave participants asking more questions about what we consume as food. 

Even though the sourdough bread process takes time and can be complicated this workshop is designed to set participants up for a pleasant experience baking when it is time to try it at home independently.

And of course the wonderful hospitality and ideas for alternative ways to making bread and cakes. Loved the gluten free recipes

2. How do you find the sourdough bread making journey?

Fascinating! It also has strengthened my conviction about the power of fermentation at home as well as mindful eating as a family. 

3. Would you recommend this to a friend and why? 

Absolutely! I have already recommended by word of mouth and will do more via social media. I think it will be a good workshop to get people not only picking up a vital life skill but also walking away rethinking how they eat! Plus for those who need extra income this skill Can be a way to earn some side income. I cannot wait to be part of a bread society with this group. 

Thank you Lili for your generous and sincere approach to running this workshop! 

Happy to be part of this community and help make it grow. 

See Nova’s post on Instagram:

And so it begins my love affair with sourdough bread baking… I could not be happier with my first attempt after an awesome Sourdough Bread workshop with Lili Dogarel two weeks ago. It was an incredibly awesome workshop and she localized the process to our climate. If you live in Singapore go for her workshop. It will change your life! …


Nova Ceceliana Nelson


Never need to buy bread anymore 😁

Do you know sourdough is far more nutrition than commercial bread?

Dr Lili Dogarel sourdough workshop is more than baking. She’s a Doctor and a Nutritionist, she shares her knowledge on Food & Nutrition so sincerely and passionately. She even prepares a healthy and delicious lunch spread for us.

I gained sourdough baking skills, valuable knowledge, starter to continue baking every week & a whole sourdough baking community! I am grateful 😊

In return, I am happy to spread my sourdough lve with you. Interested, may contact me or Lili Dogarel

Thank you Lili, once again.

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1. What did you like about the workshop?

Dr Lili conducted a holistic and comprehensive sourdough workshop with Good Practical exposure for every participant. I gain immense knowledge on sourdough & food nutrition. The stater and forming a supportive community are best gift to continue the journey. Thank you Lili.

2. How do you find the sourdough bread making journey?

Lili’s brilliant coaching and forming the supportive community make the baking sourdough journey joy. When facing challenge, we know she is there and a whole group of supporting peers. I am grateful to be on this journey will all. Thank you for having me. 

3. Would you recommend this to a friend and why? 

Certainly. This is more than making sourdough. Its a survival skill that last forever. 

Overall, I received  more than what I expected. Such a gift. Thank you Lili and everyone I met at the workshop. 

Irene Hamons