Nova Ceceliana Nelson


1. What did you like about the workshop?

I liked how the workshop was designed to include both hands on experience and short digestible sessions on healthy eating as well as how sourdough works in your gut when you consume it. It will definitely leave participants asking more questions about what we consume as food. 

Even though the sourdough bread process takes time and can be complicated this workshop is designed to set participants up for a pleasant experience baking when it is time to try it at home independently.

And of course the wonderful hospitality and ideas for alternative ways to making bread and cakes. Loved the gluten free recipes

2. How do you find the sourdough bread making journey?

Fascinating! It also has strengthened my conviction about the power of fermentation at home as well as mindful eating as a family. 

3. Would you recommend this to a friend and why? 

Absolutely! I have already recommended by word of mouth and will do more via social media. I think it will be a good workshop to get people not only picking up a vital life skill but also walking away rethinking how they eat! Plus for those who need extra income this skill Can be a way to earn some side income. I cannot wait to be part of a bread society with this group. 

Thank you Lili for your generous and sincere approach to running this workshop! 

Happy to be part of this community and help make it grow. 

See Nova’s post on Instagram:

And so it begins my love affair with sourdough bread baking… I could not be happier with my first attempt after an awesome Sourdough Bread workshop with Lili Dogarel two weeks ago. It was an incredibly awesome workshop and she localized the process to our climate. If you live in Singapore go for her workshop. It will change your life! …


Titiek Rohani MK


A thirst for knowledge and love for bread have brought me to the path of a Dear Romanian friend, Lili Dogarel, who has taught me the making of sourdough bread.
This is my 3rd time which I baked 2 pieces just now, enough for my big family.
Thank you friend for giving me the opportunity to learn and gain in all possible ways.
As a bread lover, I see new possibilities right in front of me.



1. What you liked about our session yesterday

I think beside the knowledge that we have learnt and the success we have reaped (the bread of course), as a learner, I like very much about the certification. It is a show of appreciation of our presence for the knowledge.

I feel very much appreciated.

2. If you would recommend this to a friend and why 

I would strongly recommend this workshop not only about making “the bread”, but a sourdough bread.

The understanding of eating healthy and walking the talk of You Are What You Eat makes me realize how important it is what you put into not only your mouth, but your loved ones – my family members.

3. If you have any suggestion for me to make it even better

Seeing is believing. Experiencing is another truth. You have done a great job in putting the effort. As a facilitator, trainer and assessor I see that you have conducted the workshop to an outstanding event. 

The number of people was just nice,

The food was superb to bring the awareness of eating healthy,

The hands-on was very fun,

The company of new-found friends was a nice group to mingle (and closer) with,

The follow-up support chat group created is a great element to keep track of the learning retention of the learners.

Thank you very much!

Adeline Ang



I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to attend Dr Lili’s sourdough workshop. Not only has she simplified the whole sourdough mystique for home bakers, she has also generously shared and educated all of us in the unique beauty of this bread. 

Sourdough bread IS healthy and beneficial to our bodies, and we have the science to prove it. To me, this is a life-changing pivotal moment in my and my family’s lives. No more ‘commercial’ bread for me from this point forward.


The Magic Recipe and Sourdough Starter that you get from this Sourdough workshop is your blueprint to making great sourdough bread. You don’t need to be an experienced baker and yet, the bread that you pull out of your oven is going to be impressive and delicious. Did I mention that it’s healthy too? 

The bonus of baking your own sourdough bread is the training you get in patience. Just trust the process, yourself and the starter and be zen. It will all work out… I’ve baked at least 10 loaves in the past 2 weeks and this recipe has never failed me yet. 

When you feel more confident, you can experience with the different flours available to experience the different types of sourdough bread you can make. 

Have fun! I know I did… And still am!


Grace Chan


I attended this course because I wish to feed my family with healthy meals.  This is my “why”. Dr Li Li provides the “how”. 

The class was informative:

  1. She explained the essential nutrients our body need in order to grow and repair 
  2. She illustrated what Glycemic index and Glycemic load are 
  3. She explained the difference between bread made from dry and live yeasts
  4. She highlighted the benefits of sourdough bread

After the baking demonstrations, the students were treated, to our first surprise, a healthy, sumptuous meal with sourdough bread. 

Our next surprise was the starter kit (live yeasts) which allows us to make sourdough bread that day if we wish. 

The last surprise (the best for me who have no prior bread-making experience) – Dr Li Li set up a Support Chat Group for us to ask her questions or give feedback on our first attempt.

For me, this was the most valuable tool as I ran into a few problems, but Dr Li Li was so reassuring that I did not want to give up trying. My bread turned out just fine and it gave me heaps of confidence to try again. 

Our family celebrated our first dinner with “Mummy-made” sourdough bread 2 days after I attended Dr Li Li’s sourdough bread class.


Anupama Shivaprasad

I am grateful to Lili for coming up with a sourdough making workshop. This is a bread that requires a lot of patience, attention, a time tested recipe and a lot of guidance.

During our sourdough making workshop, Lili went over the reason for baking and consuming sourdough from a health perspective. It was very beneficial and important for us to understand that perspective. That answered the “Why”and that truly motivates to go and bake your own.

“How” to do it – this can get intimidating, overwhelming and very daunting. Lili provided us with a step by step guide that if we followed, we would reach the final goal of making our very first sourdough at home. She went over the steps and provided us with starter culture. As the process is long with lots of details, Lili gave us guidance by exchanging messages with us when we tried making our own sourdough at home. This was very crucial & critical in not giving up!

And when I finally did, I was pleased to see the results. I loved it, my family loved it! Nothing can beat it if you love what you eat and it’s healthy! I couldn’t even dream of making a sourdough and thanks to Lili – now I can. 

Anima Jaiswal


I love to feed my family healthy home-cooked food. Being Indian – bread is not our staple food but I realized that as kids are growing they may not have time for elaborate Indian cooking and might end up eating bread, it being so conveniently available. Hence, was thinking of learning to make bread so as to understand what goes in it and how healthy it is with so many varieties to choose from. 

I met Lili as my ‘Yoga Guru’. She shares wonderful tips for wellbeing with regards to food, mind and body. She introduced me to Sourdough bread and since then I was eagerly waiting for her to start a class. 

She combined baking with workshop on basic nutrients and their constituents. I liked the info about GI load in various carbs as that allows me to make informed decision while choosing type of carb. 

Her sourdough baking demo was amazing and it felt like an assuring breeze. By end of class I was confident that I will be able to do it if I follow Lili’s recipe systematically. I was so excited that I went home and immediately got into the motion. There was help available all the while through chats and group sharing and my sourdough bread turned out perfect. My family loved it and I feel happy having fed them healthy home-cooked bread. Am looking forward to experiment and try variations of it. Thanks Lili for introducing me to the world of sourdough bread 🙆

Irene Hamons


Never need to buy bread anymore 😁

Do you know sourdough is far more nutrition than commercial bread?

Dr Lili Dogarel sourdough workshop is more than baking. She’s a Doctor and a Nutritionist, she shares her knowledge on Food & Nutrition so sincerely and passionately. She even prepares a healthy and delicious lunch spread for us.

I gained sourdough baking skills, valuable knowledge, starter to continue baking every week & a whole sourdough baking community! I am grateful 😊

In return, I am happy to spread my sourdough lve with you. Interested, may contact me or Lili Dogarel

Thank you Lili, once again.

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1. What did you like about the workshop?

Dr Lili conducted a holistic and comprehensive sourdough workshop with Good Practical exposure for every participant. I gain immense knowledge on sourdough & food nutrition. The stater and forming a supportive community are best gift to continue the journey. Thank you Lili.

2. How do you find the sourdough bread making journey?

Lili’s brilliant coaching and forming the supportive community make the baking sourdough journey joy. When facing challenge, we know she is there and a whole group of supporting peers. I am grateful to be on this journey will all. Thank you for having me. 

3. Would you recommend this to a friend and why? 

Certainly. This is more than making sourdough. Its a survival skill that last forever. 

Overall, I received  more than what I expected. Such a gift. Thank you Lili and everyone I met at the workshop. 

Wee Peng


What is a loaf of good bread? A good loaf bread is made of purest ingredients and free of chemical and preservatives. I remember when I was a child, bread goes bad in 3-4 days. But now, a loaf of commercial bread would last for a week or longer, makes me ponder, “What have they added to the bread we eat?”. Can you remember your white loaf of bread still as soft as if you just bought it after it has been sitting around in kitchen for nearly a week?

Now the next question, what’s the difference of learning baking from a doctor vs a baker? A baker only teach you how to bake, but a doctor would teach you how to bake and tell you why it is good for you and how to enjoy maximum benefits. Learning baking sourdough from Dr. Lili was a 360 degrees learning process. From a foolproof step by step baking process, to the molecular education on why sourdough is good for us, plus chemistry of food, by her powerpoint presentation. This information is coming from Dr. Lili’s ongoing dedication on learning about science of food, which she started learning from over 20 years ago.

Now I know how to bake loaves of good quality sourdough with the wild yeast starter given by Dr. Lili, it’s a lot easier than I’ve imagined and I now know how to bake healthy and nutritional sourdough bread.

Dr. Lili also prepared some really delicious food for us while we were taking a break.

We were getting huge support from her after the session has ended, she constantly made sure we are on our right track to bake good sourdough bread by answering all our questions patiently. 

I feel good about the sourdoughs I made, which I know are pure and without additives. It’s not just about what we eat, it’s about the quality of the food we eat, too. I am no longer eating the commercial bread unless I have no choice. I hope you will be able to stop buying commercial bread, too. Why spending your money buying expensive sourdough from bakery, start making yours now and let Dr. Lili show you how. img_0058     img_0057