The Sourdough Bread Societyis one yummy dream come true. The dream that you and me and anyone who wants to, will be able to make and eat a better bread while eating less of it, just the right amount, because a good bread is nutritious, a small amount – brings big satisfaction.

In spite of having just 4 ingredients – flour, water, the sourdough and salt – the sourdough bread has more of what you need, more nutrients, thanks to the sourdough wild yeast, and none of what you really should avoid (just read the long list of ingredients on the commercial breads label, on top with the-not-so-friendly commercial yeast).

My own sourdough journey, started after I learned the truth and the heavy details about how the commercial breads are made. After doing my research, I strongly felt that this is a journey I want to take – to feed my kids and my family better bread – even if it looked daunting and time-consuming, a time that I was reluctant to give. 

Soon after I started my journey, the techniques were not clear to me and the first (and many more attempts) resulted in hard and sour breads, which only I could eat. However, it became clear to me that this is a happy experience from angles I could not have seen before. Beyond the Better Bread, it is A Beautiful and Big Experience and I thought you will be happy to know about it, too, not because of the fear of bad bread but because of The Joy that the real sourdough bread brings.

I tried to demystify the lengthy, intricate and intimidating process of sourdough bread making and bring it to a form that looks easy and inviting, a happy thing to get your hands on, regardless if you have or not any experience with baking. Out it came a Sourdough Blueprint Recipe that when I shared, it worked like magic, from the first try.

With this magic recipe the breads came out great in the first try, even for my eager and talented student Geanina Tanaka with whom I never had a chance to bake even one bread together. Amazed by her results, I worked on it further to find a way to pass on this knowledge. Once the recipe was refined and the process was tested and reached a level of maturity, I started to share my experience with all my friends and their friends, who took an interest to know about it. I thought this is something worth sharing. Then out came  here we have the workshop series. 


Geanina Tanaka’s first sourdough bread, (by the “magic” recipe), the student and the bread that started “all”. 

I am privileged to introduce here the sourdough starter I brought to life about 3 years ago and which I named Sophia. It was docile, well behaved and always yummy and became a dear child to most of the people I shared it with. Now she has offsprings in many countries, on few continents:  Japan, Singapore in Asia, Romania and U.K. in Europe and in USA. I hope she will keep growing and bring happiness to more and more people, because it is a wild creature nurtured by love and care and a really happy thing to have around, because besides nutrients, love and care is what she brings along.

Through Sourdough Bread Making workshop series and all the students Sophia becomes your baby.

Through the What’s App Support Chat Group that I create after each workshop I make sure that all participants have all the information and tools to make a successful, yummy, first sourdough bread and stay motivated and energized to continue the journey. The support chat group is a fantastic tool of bonding, learning and growth on more levels than simply making the bread and was highly appreciated by everyone. 

This unique, ancient craft and the bread that comes from it, it’s not only the yummiest food and a healthier choice; it is a choice to walk a path towards true well-being.

As you can see The Sourdough Bread is now more than food that feeds us, it is part of our family life and it makes it better. I hope it will make your life yummier and better, too.

Special thanks to my family who inspired and helped me into this journey – Cristina Dogarel, Grandma Mariana Dogarel, to my friends and first students, who kept the sourdough and the dream alive and growing – Parul Srivastava, Geanina Tanaka, Rowena Cusilit, and to my beloved husband, Ionut Dogarel, without which none of this sharing would have been possible.

Special thanks and loving thoughts to all my students who make this journey so special to all of us.

If you want to learn to make the sourdough bread, register for the coming workshops at “Next Event”

If you want to eat the sourdough bread, please connect with my students and me, go to  “Sourdough Society” (or write me an email)

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