Adeline Ang



I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to attend Dr Lili’s sourdough workshop. Not only has she simplified the whole sourdough mystique for home bakers, she has also generously shared and educated all of us in the unique beauty of this bread. 

Sourdough bread IS healthy and beneficial to our bodies, and we have the science to prove it. To me, this is a life-changing pivotal moment in my and my family’s lives. No more ‘commercial’ bread for me from this point forward.


The Magic Recipe and Sourdough Starter that you get from this Sourdough workshop is your blueprint to making great sourdough bread. You don’t need to be an experienced baker and yet, the bread that you pull out of your oven is going to be impressive and delicious. Did I mention that it’s healthy too? 

The bonus of baking your own sourdough bread is the training you get in patience. Just trust the process, yourself and the starter and be zen. It will all work out… I’ve baked at least 10 loaves in the past 2 weeks and this recipe has never failed me yet. 

When you feel more confident, you can experience with the different flours available to experience the different types of sourdough bread you can make. 

Have fun! I know I did… And still am!