Anima Jaiswal


I love to feed my family healthy home-cooked food. Being Indian – bread is not our staple food but I realized that as kids are growing they may not have time for elaborate Indian cooking and might end up eating bread, it being so conveniently available. Hence, was thinking of learning to make bread so as to understand what goes in it and how healthy it is with so many varieties to choose from. 

I met Lili as my ‘Yoga Guru’. She shares wonderful tips for wellbeing with regards to food, mind and body. She introduced me to Sourdough bread and since then I was eagerly waiting for her to start a class. 

She combined baking with workshop on basic nutrients and their constituents. I liked the info about GI load in various carbs as that allows me to make informed decision while choosing type of carb. 

Her sourdough baking demo was amazing and it felt like an assuring breeze. By end of class I was confident that I will be able to do it if I follow Lili’s recipe systematically. I was so excited that I went home and immediately got into the motion. There was help available all the while through chats and group sharing and my sourdough bread turned out perfect. My family loved it and I feel happy having fed them healthy home-cooked bread. Am looking forward to experiment and try variations of it. Thanks Lili for introducing me to the world of sourdough bread 🙆