Anupama Shivaprasad

I am grateful to Lili for coming up with a sourdough making workshop. This is a bread that requires a lot of patience, attention, a time tested recipe and a lot of guidance.

During our sourdough making workshop, Lili went over the reason for baking and consuming sourdough from a health perspective. It was very beneficial and important for us to understand that perspective. That answered the “Why”and that truly motivates to go and bake your own.

“How” to do it – this can get intimidating, overwhelming and very daunting. Lili provided us with a step by step guide that if we followed, we would reach the final goal of making our very first sourdough at home. She went over the steps and provided us with starter culture. As the process is long with lots of details, Lili gave us guidance by exchanging messages with us when we tried making our own sourdough at home. This was very crucial & critical in not giving up!

And when I finally did, I was pleased to see the results. I loved it, my family loved it! Nothing can beat it if you love what you eat and it’s healthy! I couldn’t even dream of making a sourdough and thanks to Lili – now I can.