Grace Chan


I attended this course because I wish to feed my family with healthy meals.  This is my “why”. Dr Li Li provides the “how”. 

The class was informative:

  1. She explained the essential nutrients our body need in order to grow and repair 
  2. She illustrated what Glycemic index and Glycemic load are 
  3. She explained the difference between bread made from dry and live yeasts
  4. She highlighted the benefits of sourdough bread

After the baking demonstrations, the students were treated, to our first surprise, a healthy, sumptuous meal with sourdough bread. 

Our next surprise was the starter kit (live yeasts) which allows us to make sourdough bread that day if we wish. 

The last surprise (the best for me who have no prior bread-making experience) – Dr Li Li set up a Support Chat Group for us to ask her questions or give feedback on our first attempt.

For me, this was the most valuable tool as I ran into a few problems, but Dr Li Li was so reassuring that I did not want to give up trying. My bread turned out just fine and it gave me heaps of confidence to try again. 

Our family celebrated our first dinner with “Mummy-made” sourdough bread 2 days after I attended Dr Li Li’s sourdough bread class.