Titiek Rohani MK


A thirst for knowledge and love for bread have brought me to the path of a Dear Romanian friend, Lili Dogarel, who has taught me the making of sourdough bread.
This is my 3rd time which I baked 2 pieces just now, enough for my big family.
Thank you friend for giving me the opportunity to learn and gain in all possible ways.
As a bread lover, I see new possibilities right in front of me.



1. What you liked about our session yesterday

I think beside the knowledge that we have learnt and the success we have reaped (the bread of course), as a learner, I like very much about the certification. It is a show of appreciation of our presence for the knowledge.

I feel very much appreciated.

2. If you would recommend this to a friend and why 

I would strongly recommend this workshop not only about making “the bread”, but a sourdough bread.

The understanding of eating healthy and walking the talk of You Are What You Eat makes me realize how important it is what you put into not only your mouth, but your loved ones – my family members.

3. If you have any suggestion for me to make it even better

Seeing is believing. Experiencing is another truth. You have done a great job in putting the effort. As a facilitator, trainer and assessor I see that you have conducted the workshop to an outstanding event. 

The number of people was just nice,

The food was superb to bring the awareness of eating healthy,

The hands-on was very fun,

The company of new-found friends was a nice group to mingle (and closer) with,

The follow-up support chat group created is a great element to keep track of the learning retention of the learners.

Thank you very much!