Wee Peng


What is a loaf of good bread? A good loaf bread is made of purest ingredients and free of chemical and preservatives. I remember when I was a child, bread goes bad in 3-4 days. But now, a loaf of commercial bread would last for a week or longer, makes me ponder, “What have they added to the bread we eat?”. Can you remember your white loaf of bread still as soft as if you just bought it after it has been sitting around in kitchen for nearly a week?

Now the next question, what’s the difference of learning baking from a doctor vs a baker? A baker only teach you how to bake, but a doctor would teach you how to bake and tell you why it is good for you and how to enjoy maximum benefits. Learning baking sourdough from Dr. Lili was a 360 degrees learning process. From a foolproof step by step baking process, to the molecular education on why sourdough is good for us, plus chemistry of food, by her powerpoint presentation. This information is coming from Dr. Lili’s ongoing dedication on learning about science of food, which she started learning from over 20 years ago.

Now I know how to bake loaves of good quality sourdough with the wild yeast starter given by Dr. Lili, it’s a lot easier than I’ve imagined and I now know how to bake healthy and nutritional sourdough bread.

Dr. Lili also prepared some really delicious food for us while we were taking a break.

We were getting huge support from her after the session has ended, she constantly made sure we are on our right track to bake good sourdough bread by answering all our questions patiently. 

I feel good about the sourdoughs I made, which I know are pure and without additives. It’s not just about what we eat, it’s about the quality of the food we eat, too. I am no longer eating the commercial bread unless I have no choice. I hope you will be able to stop buying commercial bread, too. Why spending your money buying expensive sourdough from bakery, start making yours now and let Dr. Lili show you how. img_0058     img_0057